Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Step by Step instructions for Valentine's card

This is the card which I made at my local card making class and I thought I would share with you the step by step instructions to make it.

Materials  needed are:
A4 white card
Red card
Invisible thread
Largest X Cut Nesting Heart die
Smallest X Cut Nesting Scalloped Heart die
Border punch

Step one

Cut a 4 cm strip from the long edge of the A4 card

Step two

Score the larger piece of card at 15cm

Step 3

Score at 4 cm along long edge

Step 4

Cut along each side of the central fold line down to where it meets at the 4 cm scoreline and snip a tiny piece out.

Step 5

Using a border punch, punch along the edge of the 4 cm scored edge, fold over and stick down in place

Step 6

Trim the 4cm piece which you cut off in Step One to 24cm

Step 7

Score at 6 cm,  12cm and 18cm

Step 8

Punch along one edge with the border punch

Step 9

Cut out 1 large heart and 6 small hearts. I chose to cut a central heart in the large heart too.

Step 10 and 11

Sandwich a piece of invisible thread between two small hearts and attach to the 4cm strip


Attach the 4cm strip to the inside of the card lining up the punched borders

Finally attach the large heart to the card front and stamp your sentiment

Thank yoh for visiting and any comments you wish to leave are always appreciated. 

Lainie xx

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  1. Lovely clear instructions.. Many thanks for sharing XX