Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Craft Fair

Good morning friends, followers and visitors, I hope you are all well.  Today I thought I woukd show you a couple of photos of Lainaire Creation's stall at our local craft fair on Friday evening. Unfortunately,  we didn't sell much but neither did the other stalls really. However, we did manage to hand out quite a few of our marketing leaflets, so hopefully people will visit our website and order from there. If you would like to have a browse it's www.lainairecreations.co.uk. We would welcome any comments on the site too.

Thank you for visiting today and until next time.
Hugs Laine xx


  1. Hello Lainie, what a great stall :-)

    1. Thank you Alison, there was loads more stuff under the table but no room to put it out, still next time ..... Lainie xx

  2. what a lovely stall, your makes look amazing xx

  3. Hi Laine your stall looks fantastic. Hugs Jackie