Sunday, 21 June 2015

Zinnia Hair Clippie

Good morning to all my lovely friends and followers. It rained here during the night which has watered my garden for me, saves me doing it later lol.
I watched another youtube tutorial yesterday and just had to have a go at.............yes another Kanzashi flower..........sorry 😔. I hope you like it any way 😁.
This one took a while to do and I used 1/2" Satin ribbon, cut in lengths of 2.5 cm x 15,  3 cm x 15, 3.5 cm x 15, 4cm x 15. Each petal was curled using a lighter and then threaded together before being assembled.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you'll come back soon.  I would just like to say that I truly appreciate your very kind comments and if you do wish to follow my blog, then do please let me know so that I can return the favour.
Thank you and hugs.
Lainie xx


  1. That looks amazing. Each time I try to curl ribbon with a candle it looks a complete mess so I really admire how pretty yours looks

  2. Hi Cherie, thank you for your lovely comment. It is easy to curl the ribbon petals if you hold a lighter just beneath them, it is surprising how quickly they curl too. Lainie xx

  3. Hi this is gorgeous. It sounds like a fab technique you used. I don't have a lighter so I can't give it a go. Hugs Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you. As neither of us smoke, I had to buy some disposable lighters, the lengths us crafters go to lol. Lainie xx