Saturday, 6 August 2016

Pastel pencil painting of Bam Bam and a very brief outline of my art journey

This is a pastel pencil painting of my friend's cat, Bam Bam. I painted it as a surprise for her, which fortunately she was delighted with.  Although I started painting about 20 years ago,  my art journey has not been a very long one. By that I mean I haven't consistently been painting all that time. I consider it more dabbling in art. I preferred cardmaking,  enjoying die cutting,  stamping,  embossing,  iris folding, etc. etc.  However having started watching Lindsey Weirich 'The Frugal Crafter' on youtube,  my interest in painting began to emerge. So I dusted off my watercolour paints, pastels and acylics,  purchased some new supplies (of course) and got stuck in. 
I watched several art videos on YouTube after that, looking at different techniques and this is how I truly learned to paint. People say I am talented but this is a talent I never really knew I had. This pastel painting has proven to me that I can actually paint.  So my advice to anyone is, you can do it, just have a go, watch other people and copy how they do it. After all, from a baby we have learned by copying, so why stop? 
 For inspiration why not visit Patrick Ley Greaves' website at,  There are some excellent tutorials, members' galleries and forums offering advice and tons of inspiration.

This is the photograph of Bam Bam  which I used for my painting.

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  1. Hi Laine this is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie